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A Detailed report on the flood situation

Posted by Jaya on August 29, 2008


Due to the breach in the embankment in Kusaha, four districts of north Bihar – Supaul, Araria, Madhepura and Purneia – are being currently ravaged. According to recent reports, adjoining districts of Saharsa, Khagaria and Katihar are also under threat because of their position in the hydrographic basin. In Saharsa district, five blocks – Saur Bazaar, Patar Ghat, Sonbarsa, Simri Bhaktiyarpur and Banma Ithari – along with Beldaur block of Khagaria district are in the most precarious situation.

In Araria district Narpatganj, Fobesganj, Raniganj, Bhargama and Palasi blocks have been affected. Similarly in Madhepura district, Muraliganj, Kumarkhand, Udakishunganj, Sinheshwar Esthan, Gwal Pada, Shankerpur, Bihariganj, Alamnagar Chousa, and Madhepura are reeling under floods. And in Purneia district Banmankhi, Dhamdaha, Barharakothi, Rupauli, and Bhawanipur blocks are affected by Kosi rage, which is disrupting lives of approximately 0.4-0.45 million humans.

According to a rough estimate approximately 2.5 – 3 million people are currently affected by the present flood.


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