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Contribute through Chief Minister Relief Fund

Posted by Jaya on August 31, 2008

*There is a very simple method to how you can help *
1. Write a cheque to *’Chief Minister Relief Fund, Bihar’ A/C No.
10839124928, SBI Patna Secretariat Branch, Patna. *
2. Put your Phone number, name and address on the back of the chq.
3. Deposit the chq to the nearest SBI drop box.
4. Tell your friends, wellwishers, fellows contrymen, global citizens to do
the same and increase the awareness of this problem as an international


20 Responses to “Contribute through Chief Minister Relief Fund”

  1. Amit said

    Can I deposit the cheque in Bangalore?

  2. Jaya said


  3. amitesh said

    Can i transfer the money online

  4. N.N.Rahul said

    yes, you just have 2transfer the amount 2d account no.-10839124928 on d name of Chief “Minister Relief Fund, Bihar”.

  5. Santosh Jha said

    I am NJ, USA and want to send some money to help the flood affected people of Bihar, could you please give some information how best I can send money? SBI is far from my place and it has very limited braches in US.


  6. Kundan Kumar said

    Can you give the axis bank account through which i can transfer online?


  7. Jaya said

    @Kundan: You can transfer even to SBI through your axis bank account. Use NEFT.
    @Santosh: Can’t you do a wire transfer?

  8. Kundan Kumar said

    I can do the wire tranfer? But in that case also i need the account number. As you have mentioned the process of submitting the cheque to *’Chief Minister Relief Fund, Bihar’. Can i use the same account number as what u have metioned at the top (10839124928)?.

  9. Jaya said

    Yeah. You can do the wire transfer to the same account. They have mentioned cheque, because that way they can keep track of submitter for 80G benefits. I do not think that is applicable in US.

  10. Rakesh said

    All wire transfers and NEFT transfers can be credited to the same A/c number (10839124928, SBI Patna Secretariat Branch, Patna). Any online banking account allows the facility. Keep record of your online transfer to enable 80G benefits (Only for people paying tax in India).

  11. We are the corporate want to confribute along with our employees to the relief fund & want to know how the employees will get the taxation benifit of the donation ( under 80 G of IT Act) if a consolidated cheque prepared & given by Company to fund.

  12. venkat said

    can we be sure that the funds will reach the needy sent to this account

  13. shantanu mohan puri said

    I want to give some clothes for the victims of this devastating flood. I am in Chandigarh . Is there an agency/NGO here in Chandigarh I can give these clothes to who can send it to the needy in Bihar? Suggest how else can I send clothing.


  14. Jaya said

    @Pragnesh: Employer can give a certificate to the employees stating that so much amount has been deposited in this fund on behalf of that employee. That certificate can be used to get 80G benefits. Also, if you are deducting it directly from the salary, it should reflect in the salary slip too.

    @Venkat: This is the chief minister’s account. Nobody other than govt. can guarantee anything. If you would rather have it reach to beneficiaries immediately, you can donate it through NGOs working on ground. For exmaple Prayaas.

    @Shantanu: We are not in touch with any NGOs in Chandigarh yet.

    If you can ship it to Patna directly, here are couple of addresses:

    Cloths can be send directly to Red Cross Patna. You can send Relief Material to Red Cross, Patna at following address:
    Mr. S.P. Singh, IAS (Retd.)
    Honorary Director
    Bihar State BranchIndian Red Cross Society
    North of Gandhi Maidan
    Patna – 800001
    Phone No: 0612 -2201035/6/7; 2226267

    Mr. Ashish Ranjan Jha (AID India Volunteer)
    A-5 Siddharth Apartment,
    Jagdeo Path,

  15. Raju said

    what is IFSC code for SBI Secreteriat Branch?

  16. Vikas Patel said

    Can I get information about the contributions made in Cheif Minister’s Flood Releif Fund .

  17. kushal rajveer said


    Do i get tax benefit under section 80G for any amount I send to cheif minister relief fund?


  18. saurabh said

    I am a student of Heritage College Kolkata. Me and my classmates have collected certain amount for the flood relief work. We wish to send the money as a draft. Can we have the exact address of the place where we need to send the draft.
    please do give the phone number where we can contact.

  19. saurabh said

    how can we get a receipt for the amount we send

  20. KSRM COOPERATIVE Bhubaneswar said

    i m the student of KIIT School of Rural Management.I have deposited the collected money in chief minister relief fund,Bihar.How can we send the cloths and other meterials to you.

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