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On ground helpline numbers

Posted by Jaya on September 1, 2008

Information from a comment by Ram Manohar Sah.

Here is the Bihar flood helline no. incase you want to call and find the ground zero situations.
It is being displayed in doorshan tv channel.

Saharsa: 224102
Katihar: 06452-249214
Purnia: 06454-242503
Madhepura: 06476-224851
Ararria: 222596, 224701
Supaul: 225393
Patna: 2217305


4 Responses to “On ground helpline numbers”

  1. Atul Kumar said

    More information about this flood relief operations @

    2> Go to and check the first link
    3> Or join Facebook forum @ . You will find many other groups at facebook.

    You will find identical information at these places right now, but first link will always be more updated than others as it is in my control. This document can better help you in deciding as to the various available channels. I will keep adding more information at these places as I come to know. Others too can help me in updating these set of documents with verifiable sources of information.

  2. Ram Manohar Sah said

    The Megh Pyne Abhiyan initiative in Bihar is accepting contributions. Currently the urgent need is for more boats for the rescue efforts. Contributions can be made to Gramyasheel, an NGO partner of the Abhiyan, which will then be used where felt most appropriate for flood relief. Contributions can be made to Gramyasheel’s State Bank of India accounts below or by sending a cheque to the address for Gramyasheel given below:

    Contributions from India can be made to – State Bank of India, Supaul, account no.30195975673, branch code no. 05998

    Contributions from abroad can be made to – State Bank of India, Supaul, account no.11114440759, branch code no.0190

    OR by sending a cheque to the Gramyasheel address as given below:

    Mr. Chandrashekhar, Gramyasheel, Behind Jail, Nayanagar, Supaul – 852131; BIHAR state, INDIA. Telephone: +919430858277

    Please send an email to with a cc to for informing of your contribution so it can be accounted for properly. A receipt will be sent for your donation through postal mail. However Gramyasheel is not an 80G registered organisation, so you may not be able to get tax exemption for your donation.

  3. biharbaadh said

    its good to see u on similar path. infact ur early then us. we r in process to do somrthing. ur contribution is welcome on

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