News and coordination for Bihar Flood Relief Activities

Let’s Coordinate and be effective


Posted by Jaya on September 23, 2008

  • Money that has been collected in our personal accounts has been used to send medicines and chlorine tablets to AID Volunteers to be used in their camps in Araris.
  • Two rounds of clothes have been sent to Purnia to be used in a flood affected area called Janaki Nagar. These include clothes collected from Belgaum as well. Clothes from Chennai will also be sent to the same place. Those collected in Gugaon will be routed via Goonj.
  • Food packets and some other necessary amenities are also being planned for Janaki Nagar area and the cash that comes in form now on will be utilized for the same.

One Response to “Updates”

  1. Ram Manohar Sah said

    Hi All,

    Kosi (Kaushiki) furry reminds old saying “tying knot in the snakehead”. Hydropower, irrigation and flood management are conflicting objectives. Government sees $ value where as local people expects flood management. Irrigation is nowhere close to expectation. Let’s discuss lasting solution for Kosi.

    Please come together to discuss Kosi, Water, Flood, & its policy.

    Kosi Dicussion Group has been motivated from Dinesh Mishra (Barh Mukti Abhiyan)

    Ram Manohar

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